Don’t Let a Small Roof Leak Lead to Bigger Problems, Get it Fixed Now!

Have you been neglecting a small roof leak or postponing its repair? Then you need to have it fixed immediately to avoid bigger problems. A leaking roof can be annoying. However, it is easy to ignore the leak especially if it is small. Nevertheless, neglecting a small roof leak has consequences that you should be wary of.

Extensive Structural Damage

If you don’t have a small roof leak fixed early, it will lead to an extensive structural damage on your property. During a storm, water can get into your property and move quickly to other parts where it will cause extensive damage. When there is a leak in the roof, the structure and the underlayment of the roof are continuously exposed to damage by water. Rot can occur and weaken the integrity of your roof. The damage might not be limited to the roof only. In fact, it can spread to your home’s interior. For instance, the leaking water can stain walls and ceilings as well as the drywall. This will create unsightly views in your home and necessitate costly interior home repairs.

Safety and Health Risks

A small roof leak can make the interior of your home unhealthy. That’s because a wet roof leads to moisture seepage into the attic. This can lead to mold growth if it is not fixed early. Eventually, the mold in the attic will cause allergic reactions, respiratory infections and coughs among your family members. Additionally, if the seeping water comes into contact with exposed electric cables, it can cause fire in your home.

Expensive Repairs

If you don’t get a small roof leak fixed now, you could end up with a hefty home repair bill. A small leak can be repaired with a simple patch of a hole or replacement of a flashing section. However, if you ignore the leak, it can cause extensive damage that will cost you more to fix. For instance, the roof insulation or decking may have to be torn up if it is decaying or soggy. That means you will part with a huge amount of money because you will pay for labor and materials.

Utility Costs

Ignoring a small roof leak can hurt your finances in numerous ways. For instance, if your insulation becomes waterlogged, it won’t protect your property from the extreme exterior temperatures. Without proper insulation, your home will lose heat significantly especially during winter. This will increase your monthly utility bills.

Get a Roof Leak Fixed Now!

Clearly, a small roof leak can lead to numerous problems, some of which you may not imagine at first. That’s why you should have the leak fixed immediately no matter how small it seems. It’s also important to ensure that your property is inspected to ensure that the exact location of the leak is identified. This ensures that you get a lasting solution to the roof leak problem.

A roofing company we recently interviewed said; “the biggest issue we have is customers wait too long to fix their roof, the longer they wait, the more expensive it is to fix”. For more tips and insights, simply visit their website,

Don’t let that small roof leak lead to a bigger problem when expert help is easily accessible. Get it fixed now to avoid unnecessary inconveniences and risks while saving money!