Why Regular Carpet Cleaning Is Important

Regular carpet cleaning is not taken seriously by most homeowners. However, it’s very important to keep your carpet clean. Basically, cleaning carpets regularly doesn’t mean vacuuming them every week. It implies proper cleaning that removes dirt and grime that tends to build up on carpets over time. Here are the major reasons to clean carpet regularly.

Great Look – Regularly cleaned carpets look great most of the time. A cleaned carpet looks and feels better. A well-maintained, nice carpet shows that you are proud of your home and you are a clean person. Generally, every carpet gets stains and spots over time. But, regularly cleaned carpets hold off inevitable stains for a longer period. What’s more, a clean carpet has a significant impact on the people that live in a home.

Healthy Living – Carpet cleaning is not just about asthma prevention. It helps your overall health. That’s because carpets trap contaminants that lead to breeding and growth of allergens in a home. Cleaning carpets on regular basis improves air quality in a living space. Essentially, when you clean carpets you remove airborne pollutants, dust mites, and bedbugs that hide in carpets.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Carpet – Regular vacuuming helps but grime and dirt sinks deeper into the fibers of the carpet. And once there, cleaning them is not easy. Unfortunately, they give carpets a discolored and old look. Regular cleaning enables you to remove this grime and dirt. This enables carpets to last longer without losing their amazing look.

Odor Elimination – Insects, urine, dust, and other pollutants that find their way into a carpet produce a foul odor. Their presence increases the possibility of organisms like fungi and bacteria thriving in the carpet. Bad odor alone signifies an unhealthy environment. However, you can eliminate this oder with regular carpet cleaning. That’s because cleaning your carpet on regular basis makes them uninhabitable for harmful organisms.

It’s important to ensure that your carpet is cleaned regularly by experienced professionals. That way, it will last longer and serve you better. Thus, regular carpet cleaning will enable you to get maximum returns from your investment.


These tips have been provided by a professional Home Inspector who has seen his fair share of rugged old and worn out carpets which can cause harm to a home’s environment. It may be a good idea to follow a professional’s opinion and guidance to long lasting carpets.